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Lupus – As I See It


The opening cerimony of the „Lupus – As I see it” photo exhibition was on Saturday, 29th December, 2012, in the WestEnd City Center building.

The Hungarian Lupus Group as standalone all over the world has invited such a thematic photo competition, where we expected photos that are associated with the symptoms and symbols of a very rare autoimmune disease. Despite that the subject was difficult, we received a great number of applications.

The photos were considered by acknowledged and outstanding international photo artists. Sándor Demján, one of the most known and acknowledged entrepreneur, supported the idea of the Hungarian Lupus Group, and contributed to the effect of the photo exchibition, he allowed the exhibition be in his shopping center, in the WestEnd City Center building.

The photo exhibition was opened by an outstanding artist, who herself is living together with the autoimmune disease. She is Csilla Pártos, many news have been published lately about her in the different mediums.

The lupus is one of the most mysterious illnesses all over the world, it is hard to diagnose, as it simulates the symptoms of other diseases. There are 9 women and 1 man of 10 people who live with this illness.

Photo competition opening

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Pictures from the opening

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